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Sure, this all sounds great. But maybe you're asking yourself: How do I justify spending more money for outplacement when I'm trying to spend less money on personnel?

Suppose you have to shut down an entire division of your company, or worse, the company itself. Unless your laid-off workers find new positions quickly, your unemployment insurance rates will skyrocket during subsequent quarters.

Recent legislation has also made it much easier for ex-employees to sue their employers for wrongful termination. Expert outplacement services help reduce this litigation by soothing ex-employees' hostile feelings and motivating them to pursue a successful job search.

Outplacement also makes excellent public relations sense. By providing outplacement services in a sensitive, caring manner, you'll nurture positive feelings about your company not just in your ex-employees, but in your community, as well.

Finally, outplacement helps enhance the morale of those people being retained, especially when the terminations are not due to any fault on the part of employees. Working with a professional outplacement firm long before the termination can help you avoid a host of problems and carefully orchestrate the action to show you really care about all your employees, past and present.