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Murphy, Cuthrell & Associates also delivers complete secretarial services -- typing letters, designing and printing personal stationery, providing postage, mailing letters and resumes, and giving candidates use of our phones for their local and long distance calls, as well as a fax, copier, and personal computers to conduct their job search.

Our facilities feature numerous semi-private work stations, along with private offices offering senior executives all the comfort and privacy they need to wage a successful campaign. Candidates can take advantage of a variety of software for applications including word processing and spreadsheets. Senior executives and other candidates who would benefit can use their own E-mail address for rapid correspondence with prospective employers. We also provide voice mail capabilities allowing candidates to access their messages 24 hours a day from wherever they happen to be.

Another benefit for our candidates and client companies: our convenient location on Wolf Road in Albany, offering fast access to the regional airport and all major highways.