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Career Transition Programs

Executive Program
A comprehensive, highly individualized program with a flexible, personal approach specifically tailored to assist an executive or senior professional in conducting an effective campaign.

Individual Program
A plan for management personnel or any other employees within your organization not eligible for the executive program who are in need of an individualized program.

Group Program
A program customized to meet your needs, conducted in a workshop environment with individual consultation generally included. Typically offered to individuals at the non-exempt or hourly levels but occasionally provided to exempt employees.

Career Transition Centers
A program that helps organizations plan, establish and operate a company-owned transition center. We can also provide management assistance and program delivery to the center, conducting seminars, assisting with resume development, and offering counseling and many other services.

Notification Training
Provides necessary training to your management prior to termination to prepare them to deliver and properly handle the termination notice. Mangers are coached in what to expect, how to handle certain questions, reactions, and other issues.